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"I've enjoyed using the whole range"
Soph, Soph Hearts
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"I'm raising a (pink) glass to another 21 days of clear, glowing skin"
Grace, That Grace Girl
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"A triple-whammy wonder drink"
Evening Standard
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Vogue Mexico
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"Where to get your collagen"
The Times
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"It really does make a huge difference..."
Zoe, Beautifinous
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"I don't think my day would be the same without it"
Parie, Class & Glitter
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"I'd definitely recommend this product"
Molly, Rainy Days & Daffodils
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"My nails have started growing long without breaking"
Dagmara, Mummy's Beauty Corner
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"I really recommend trying this"
Wan, Wantastic Beauty
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"My nails grew soooo much stronger and longer!"
Suzanne, Manchester
I tried out Pink Cloud Beauty Co.'s pink lemonade drinkable beauty vitamins back in February for a month. (Please excuse the fact that my skin is the coour of death!) I has a gel polish on 10th Feb courtesy of my local salon... and a month later, I didn't have a single breakage and they'd grown LOADS!


"It actually works!"

I have been using Pink Cloud for a few weeks and have definitely noticed a big difference with my hair in particular! It tastes delicious too :-)


"I'm SO impressed!"

I wish I'd taken a before picture, but I've been taking Pink Cloud Beauty Co's pink lemonade supplement everyday for the last month and my hair is sooooo much thicker & healthier!!! I'm SO impressed! My nails are stronger too!



I've only been taking it for a few days but it tastes delicious! Even if they didn't have collagen and biotin it it, I'd just have it as a normal drink! Ha ha!