About Us

Being a girl in 2018 is tough. 

We're bombarded with images every day of the "perfect" ideal.  We're already spinning so many plates - whether it's exams, work, a social life, running a home.  The constant pressure on top of this to look a certain way is something we could really do without.

We get so consumed with make-up, spending hours in the hairdressers and not to mention the manis and pedis.  It's all too easy to forget that what we put into our bodies is just as, if not more, important than the things that make up our endless beauty routines.  That's why we're committed to making the best beauty supplements around - designed specifically for hair, skin and nails.

All our products are developed and manufactured here in the UK by a team of leading industry professionals  The ingredients we use are all chosen specifically with beautiful hair, skin and nails in mind.  We are fully committed to delivering the best beauty supplements on the market.  All tried and tested by us, for girls like us. 

However, our job doesn't start and end with us creating amazing beauty supplements.  Our ultimate aim is to enable and empower girls to feel comfortable in their own skin.  We encourage girls to challenge the "norm" of beauty we have come to accept, and we always always celebrate and champion our fellow females.  This is so important to us and it is at the heart of everything we do.

Here at Pink Cloud Beauty Co we believe beauty starts on the inside.

Peace & Love, PCB xx