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Why You Should be Drinking Your Vitamins

Why You Should be Drinking Your Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements are by no means a new phenomenon. 
For years, the shelves have been awash with pills, capsules, tablets, scoops, and even gummy sweets!
Our Drinkable Vitamins are a brand new concept disrupting the industry!  Just add water to a pre-portioned sachet, and enjoy a delicious drink packed full of vitamins and minerals for BEAUTY, FOCUS or to RELAX.

Here's 5 reasons why our Drinkable Vitamins are the best around:

  1. Bio-Availability

    What's bioavailability?  Put simply, it's the proportion of a substance that your body absorbs, so essentially, the amount that's going to have an active effect.  Absorption into the body is the most important factor when taking a vitamin, and liquid vitamins are head and shoulders above the rest! 


    Because the body doesn't need to digest it first in the same way it would with a tablet or a gummy.  It pretty much goes straight into the bloodstream where it can work it's magic.

    Pills or capsules by their very nature mean that they tend to be made with fillers and binding ingredients.  These aren't harmful to us, but they can actually hinder absorption of the active vitamins in our bodies.

    According to The Physicians’ Desk Reference, only 10%-20% of the nutrients in vitamin pills are absorbed into the body, whereas liquid, drinkable vitamins are absorbed up to 98%.

  2. Easy to take

    Swallowing a clunky vitamin tablet, chugged down with a glass of water...  We're gagging at the very thought of it!
    There'll be no watering eyes or coughing and spluttering with our oh so easy to take Drinkable Vitamins!

  3. So yummy!

    Yep, our vitamins taste amazing!  Whether it's pink lemonade, orange and pineapple or mixed berry; our Drinkable Vitamins are delicious!  What's more, they're sugar free and are coloured and flavoured naturally - what's not to love?!

  4. Helps with your daily hydration

    So we all know we're meant to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day to keep ourselves hydrated and working at our best.  Why not kill 2 birds with one stone and make at least one of a glass of Pink Cloud Beauty Co. Drinkable Vitamins?!

  5. Convenience

    Drinkable Vitamins from Pink Cloud Beauty Co are so easy to take whether at home, work or on-the-go.  Our Drinkable Vitamins come in boxes of 28 one-a-day sachets.  Just whip a handy, pre-portioned sachet out of the box, tip the contents into a glass, add water and sip away.

    What's more, our Drinkable Vitamins are designed to complement one another which means that if you're torn between BEAUTY, FOCUS or RELAX, you don't have to choose!  All three delicious Drinkable Vitamins can be taken in one day.  Enjoy!

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