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The New Set

The New Set

The Summer of Love... 

Pink Cloud Beauty Co. launched in the Summer 2018 with our innovative BEAUTY Drinkable Vitamins.  Our concept was simple; to take the best vitamins for hair, skin and nails, and blend them into one easy, convenient and delicious formula free from sugar, and using natural colours and flavourings.  

Since then, our website has been visited by over a million customers.  Our pink lemonade, hailed by the Evening Standard as "a triple-whammy wonder drink" has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of customers from here in the UK, as far as the USA, Singapore and countless countries in between. 

But we’re so much more than just vitamins. 

Long before we opened our doors, we knew that we wanted to use our voice and our unique platform to share our message.  Our ethos is ultimately to celebrate the diversity of beauty.  It’s in our veins and to this day, it remains at the heart of everything we do. 

Pink Cloud Beauty Co. is about confidence.  We’re about redefining the unrealistic notion of beauty we’ve come to accept.  We encourage our fellow females to stand up, believe in themselves and have the confidence to be whatever they want to be.  We believe in the power of the girl gang; we want to create a space where girls can champion and celebrate one another.   

We’re fighting back. 

The beauty industry has a lot to answer for.  We’re tired of the “ideal” of beauty it portrays.  We’re sick of the “standard” we’re expected to strive for and admire.  Ridiculous beauty standards we’ve come to accept are making us feel inadequate and lack confidence, and we’re sick of it. 

Redefining beauty 

Our BEAUTY Drinkable Vitamins are loved the world over by people looking to improve the health and condition of their hair, skin and nails.  We’re delighted to know we’ve helped so many people to love themselves again, and to feel comfortable in their own skin.   

But we, more than anybody, know that beauty is more than just what’s on the outside.   

You only have to look at Our Pink Stories to know that it’s about confidence, strength, happiness, determination, love and so much more. 

Introducing the New Set 

To complement our BEAUTY Drinkable Vitamins, we have now extended our range to include FOCUS and RELAX.  Our new drinkable vitamins are the perfect addition to your daily routine.  True to form, they’re delicious, free from sugar and are coloured and flavoured naturally. 

FOCUS Drinkable Vitamins 

We spend our lives spinning plates and trying to master the art of multi-tasking.  It’s no surprise that nootropics, or “brain enhancing” vitamins are becoming increasingly popular.  Whether you’re a saintly student, a city slicker or a modern mummy, you’ve no doubt felt that mid-afternoon brain fog where you reach for the coffee or a sugar rush for a quick-fix energy boost.  We’ve got you covered.  Our FOCUS Drinkable Vitamins are packed full of 9 super vitamins and minerals including Gingko Bilboa, Zinc and Vitamin C; proven to boost energy, mental performance and cognition.  Have difficulty concentrating?  Stay sharp, focused and alert with our delicious orange and pineapple flavoured blend to keep your mind at it’s best. 

RELAX Drinkable Vitamins 

Relax.  For many of us it’s easier said than done.  When you’re feeling stressed or you’ve got things playing on your mind, it can be hard to just switch off and unwind.  Enter our RELAX Drinkable Vitamins. A delicious Mixed Berry flavour drink to be enjoyed hot or cold before bed.  Inject a moment of blissful calm at the end of a hectic day.  Our expert blend of 7 vitamins and herbal supplements including Chamomile and Lemon Balm are designed to soothe, helping you unwind, relax and zzzzz.... 

Torn between the three?  The great news is you don’t have to choose.  Each of our Drinkable Vitamins has been expertly crafted with the correct nutrient levels to allow you to take all three in one day! 

Pink Cloud Beauty Co. BEAUTY, FOCUS & RELAX Drinkable Vitamins are available at (£24.99 for 28 days’ supply) 

Also available exclusively at Superdrug. 


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