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Girls Support Girls

Girls Support Girls

Here at Pink Cloud HQ we were horrified to learn from a recent study from the Department of Education that bullying is on the rise amongst girls.  Girls are much more likely than boys to be bullied at school, with almost twice as many on the receiving end of cyberbullying and social exclusion by other pupils. 

With this sad fact in mind, it is devastatingly unsurprising that research unveiled by The Times has shown that self-harm among teenage girls has doubled in the last 20 years. 

Girl Power

As a society, we as females have historically been lower down in the pecking order when compared to our male counterparts.  But we have (quite rightly) continued to shake up the status quo, and we have come on in leaps and bounds.  The Suffragette movement allowed women the right to vote, we’ve increasingly seen calls for women to be seen as equals in the workplace, with Iceland (the country, not the supermarket) recently making it illegal for women to be paid less than men.   

We live in a society which strives for equality and strength of women.  So why do girls continue to tear each other down in this way?  Why, as a society have we allowed things to get so far out of control?  Something is fundamentally wrong, and something must be done to help girls to grow up to be the proud, confident, happy females they absolutely deserve to be. 


We are wholeheartedly committed to our quest to encourage girls to support each other.  Take a look at Our Pink Stories where we invite our fellow females to tell us what beauty means to them in a bid to shatter the industry’s beauty “norm”. 

In its simplest form, why hate on a girl when you can tell her how amazing she is and watch her face light up? 

Be The Change 

It’s hard being a girl. 

The media has set ridiculous beauty standards we’re expected to live up to.  Just remember, it’s not real.  Take a step back.  Air-brushing, photo-shopping, filters.  It’s not real life. 


We’ve all got them. It’s all too easy to pick up on someone’s insecurities and not think about their feelings.  People have picked up on my insecurities more times than I care to remember (the lack of existence of my derriere is a popular one).  It’s not nice to have people poke fun at what you’re most self-conscious about, so why do it to other people? 


Following on nicely from the above.  Learn to pay each other compliments.  Try it.  That girl you always bump into in Tesco has the prettiest eyes, or fabulous style. Tell her.  Seriously, seeing her face light up will make it absolutely worthwhile, spread a little love, it’s contagious and you’ll feel pretty good about yourself too. 


We’re all guilty of it.  But there’s a fine line between gossiping and bitching; if you’ve ever been at the receiving end of it, you’ll know it’s not nice.  So if you haven’t got anything nice to say... ZIP IT. 

We are all fabulous. 

Sometimes we can feel intimidated by girls, sometimes we can get competitive.  A little healthy competition is fine, but use it to grow and to learn.  Just because someone is successful, it doesn’t mean you’re not. 

Leave no girl behind. 

Supporting girls doesn’t mean ripping your bra off, going on a protest march and carrying a burning effigy.  It can be the simplest of things - lending an ear, speaking up for someone when they haven’t got the nerve, flashing a smile and letting your fellow girl know you’ve got her back. 

It’s true what they say that empowered women empower women, so let’s be the change.  Because we are girls, and we are amazing! 





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